Club Supplies

A big benefit of joining the club is the deals we get.

Committee member Chris Bax handles all the club supplies. If you have any questions contact him at

We select it for a balance between function and affordability. We try to offer the cheapest thing that works well, but not so good that you need a mortgage every time you intercept a bramble patch on a ride.

Item Cost Sizes
Club Short Sleeve Jerseys (3 pockets) £27 1-12
Club Long sleeve jerseys (3 pockets, light or heavy material) £36 / £42 1-12
Club Gamex long sleeve tops (no pockets) £30 1-12
Club Windtex Jackets  (3 pockets)  £55 1-12
Club Gilets (Windtex front, mesh back, no pockets) £30 1-12
Club Shorts (light or heavy, different inserts)  £30/£35 1-12
Club Tights  £35 1-12
Club Junior Short Sleeve Jerseys (3 pockets)  £20 1-12
Club Junior Long sleeve jerseys (3 pockets) £30/£35 1-12
Club junior shorts £25 1-12

Skinsuits and other specialist items are available to order.

Many other Nico Sport bargains and end of lines are available (gloves, knee/arm warmers etc). It’s always worth checking with Chris before you go shopping. Note that because they are custom produced for us, sizes may vary a bit between batches.

We are also planning on updating the design of our club kit, so if you have a flair for design why not let us have a few ideas?

We also have a sponsorship deal with SIS products we offer great deals on their range. Eat a gel or two a week & you can get an adult membership back in less than a year…

Talk to Chris & compare his prices with the RRP below.

Brand Product Flavour Size Description  RRP  
SIS Go Range Go Gel Blackcurrant, Orange, Tropical, Apple,   Lemon & Lime 60ml Fast energy gel – no need for water  £  1.29
6x60ml  £  6.96
30x60ml  £32.00
Go Gel +Caffiene Berry 60ml Energy gel with added caffeine to provide a mental and physical boost – 50mg of caffeine per gel  £  1.75
6x60ml  £  7.75
30x60ml  £42.00
Go Gel +Nitrates Peach 60ml The world’s first nitrate gel to improve energy efficiency during exercise – 250 mg nitrate per gel  £  1.90
6 60ml  £10.26
30x60ml  £50.50
Go Gel +L-Carnitine Lemon 60ml Energy gel with added carnitine to increase fat metabolism.  £  1.65
6x60ml  £  8.90
30x60ml  £43.00
Bundle of Go Gels Various from above 8x60ml Mix of all the gels  £11.79
Go Bars Apple & Blackcurrant , Cherry & Vanilla, Chewy Banana, Chocolate & Orange 65g High energy carbohydrate bar to help fuel before training and races  £  1.20
24x65g  £26.00
Mini Go Bars Banana Fudge, Blueberry, Chocolate, Red Berry 40g High energy carbohydrate bar to help fuel before training and races  £  1.00
30x40g  £27.00
Go Powder Orange, Lemon, Blackcurrant 50g High energy carbohydrate electrolyte drink for  training or racing  £  1.32
18×50 g  £21.39
500g  £10.20
1.6Kg  £24.00
Go +Caffeine Berry 18x45g High energy carbohydrate electrolyte drink with added caffeine to help fuel, hydrate and improve focus during training or racing  £27.00
500g  £12.00
SIS REGO Range REGO Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla 50g High carbohydrate and protein recovery formula to aid rapid recovery after exercise  £  1.50
18x50g  £24.30
500g  £10.80
1.6Kg  £31.80
REGO Protein Strawberry, Chocolate  40g High protein formula to promote training adaptations and recovery  £  1.80
15x40g  £24.30
1.2Kg  £48.00
REGO Night Chocolate, Vanilla 40g High protein night-time formula to promote recovery while sleeping  £  1.80
15x40g  £24.30
1.1Kg  £43.20
REGO Fruitflow Gels Banana & Mango 60ml The world’s first Fruitflow® recovery gel  £  2.29
6x60ml  £11.99
30x60ml  £56.99